Meet Chrissy



Hello and thank you for shopping with me.  My name is Christina and I have always had a passion for hair and a natural talent for hair styling. I am a  wig maker and a licensed cosmetologist in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve always had a goal of being a minority independent business  owner. Self doubt, anxiety and depression had gotten ahold of me.

To brake thru I had too focus on self awareness, gratitude and I had too keep my hands busy.  When my hands were busy I made amazing wigs and got better with time.

Whenever I made a new wig I was given compliments that made me feel even better and I love the feeling I got from popping on a wig. I also loved the ease that came along with glue less wigs, literally pop on while giving me the freedom to care for my natural hair as needed.

I wanted to pass on that feeling of instant glam and that’s when Catering to Crowns by Chrissy was born!